East of England

2008/09 Sites                                                 

  • Bedfordshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Suffolk
  • West Hertfordshire

2009/10 Sites

  • East and North Hertfordshire
  • Norfolk
  • North East Essex
  • Mid Essex
  • South East Essex
  • South West Essex
  • Great Yarmouth and Waveney
  • Peterborough
  • Luton              

For jobs and training in the area refer to local media or visit NHS Jobs http://www.jobs.nhs.uk and search using 'IAPT' in the search box.

 Training Providers

Training is being provided by the following organisations:

  • University of East Anglia (CBT Therapists)
  • University of Essex (PWPs)


 IAPT Programme contact for East of England:

An interim Managed Clinical Network (MCN) has been set up by the former SHA for East of England (EoE) for IAPT. For further information about the MCN IAPT Workstream Website and about IAPT services in the East visit: http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/workinpsychiatry/qualityimprovement/managedclinicalnetwork/iaptworkstream.aspx

Alternatively contact:

Sam Lane, Quality Improvement Lead

sam.lane1@nhs.net Telephone Number: 07900 715480

Ruth Cocksedge, Chair of MCN (IAPT Workstream),

ruth.cocksedge@rethink.org. Telephone Number: 0300 330 5455



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